Resolve Your Legal Issues

Alles Law Office LLC is a Windsor, Colorado, law firm that provides skilled representation in criminal defense and family law. We help people throughout Larimer County, Weld County and the surrounding areas to resolve their current legal issues and protect their families and their finances.

In family law, we help people with many issues, including divorce, property division, child custody/parenting time, spousal support, child support and modifications of existing agreements.

Our attorney also defends the rights of people accused of crimes in cases involving DUI, traffic offenses, assault, theft and other issues. We take a practical approach to resolving cases, finding the most efficient and effective ways to put their problems behind them and fighting for their futures.

Mediation And Negotiation

In keeping with our practical approach, we emphasize mediation and negotiation in our family law cases. When you settle property division, child custody and other issues out of court, you exercise control over your outcomes and decide what is best for you and your family, rather than leaving these decisions to a court.

Mediation is particularly helpful for parents of young children, as it tends to reduce the bitterness and frustration that so often linger after a divorce. Mediation places the emphasis squarely on resolving issues and doing what is in the best interests of the children.

Of course, there are times when mediation and negotiation aren't enough. We believe it is wise to always prepare to take your case to trial. If the other side won't be reasonable, we have the skill and experience to argue forcefully on your behalf in court.

Get Started

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to start building your defense as soon as possible. Timing can be crucial in family law, as well. Legal matters can take a long time to resolve, and it's important to get every detail right. Make sure you have the help of a skilled lawyer.

Get started by calling Alles Law Office LLC to learn about your legal options. Call us at 720-432-0903 or email our office to schedule an appointment.